Netent vs Evolution Gaming: Make Your Pick

Netent and Evolution Gaming are some of the major players in the casino software industry that have taken the market by storm. With both casino software providers churning out great titles regularly, choosing between the two may not be easy. Visit for more info.

User Interface Comparison

Both Netent and Evolution Gaming have a great user interface. They are both easy to navigate and operate because games are classified into categories, making it easy to search them. However, Netent beats Evolution Gaming with its in-game statistics and history. Visit to check.

User interface is a critical concern for most online casino players. Nobody wants a difficult interface to navigate, or wallow through clicks before getting to the game. You need to start playing your game with a fresh mind. Therefore, Netent would be the preferred choice for players.

In-Game Betting Features

Both providers avail the conventional options to make your gaming experience a smooth one. You can split or double down as well as access all your favorite side bets in one place. Having these features makes the game more exciting and may increase your chances of winning.

The Pre-Decision Option

Evolution Gaming beats Netent hands down when it comes to in-game betting features. This because Evolution Gaming includes the Pre-Decision feature which allows players to make their calls simultaneously. Players don't have to wait on each other when they are playing, hence, providing for a smoother experience.

Netent vs Evolution Gaming: Game Selection

When it comes to game selection, Evolution Gaming beats its rival, Netent, by far. in fact, evolution Gaming is the largest casino software provider today. If you are looking for a variety of classic tables, and VIP blackjack tables with a wide range of formats, choose Evolution Gaming.

Netent's Common-Draw Blackjack Table

Netent's Common-Draw Blackjack table is unique and allows thousands of players to play using different currencies. This is a cool feature that attracts players from all over the world but it just doesn't measure up to Evolution Gaming variety of games. Evolution Gaming still wins.

Live Casino Sections

Both Netent and Evolution Gaming have beaten all their competitors out of the water and are hogging the live casino section of every respectable in Europe and Canada. This could be attributed to the great variety of games they provide and the simple user interface on their home-pages.

However, if you are a serious blackjack player, you may be able to choose between the Netent and Evolution Gaming. If you want a great user interface, you may go for Netent. But those who value variety and in-game betting features, they will welcome Evolution Gaming with both arms.

Netent vs Evolution Gaming: The Winner

If you are an average gamer, you may not be able to set these two gaming software providers apart. Netent excels in the area of a user-friendly interface and in-game statistics, but evolution gaming up strongly in-game selection and in-betting features. The choice may boil down to user preferences.

So, Who's Best?

Both casino software providers are great and perform well in their own respects. It may be a difficult task trying to choose between the two. However, when it comes to a variety of games and in-game betting features, Evolution Gaming towers head and shoulders above Netent.